New City Farm Food to Farm Compost Collection Service

City Farm Food to Farm Compost Collection Service

The Resource Center now collects food waste from restaurants, food service, universities and other entities that want a higher level of sustainability while supporting a strong local food system.

Chicago generates over 2000 tons of food waste every day. The City Farm Food to Farm Compost Collection Service turns food waste into the nutrient-packed compost we use to grow our delicious City Farm produce. Call Ken at (773) 758-1351 for more information


  • Service Areas: Loop, lakefront, and nearby
  • Weekly or more frequent pickups to meet your needs
  • We provide collection carts
  • Up to 4,000lbs per pickup
  • Composting training for your staff.
  • Supports your sustainability and carbon reduction plans
  • Complementary waste audit to determine composting and recycling potential.
  • Can help organizations meet Section 3, MBE, WBE.
  • Assistance complying with the Chicago Climate Action Plan and recycling regulations including a recycling plan, collection requirements, and required documentation.


  • Supports local food system
  • Helps meet your sustainability goals
  • Clean, safe quick
  • Organic waste odor and vector control
  • Reduce conventional waste up to 25%
  • High quality standards.


Funded in part by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

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