Accessories from Soda Can Pull Tabs

Part IV in a series of Creative Thanksgiving Decorations

Large family gatherings always equal large amounts of waste and recyclables. Soda or beer cans can be recycled, but before you toss those cans into the recycling bin, bend off the pull tabs, and we’ll use them to make accessories.

Soda can pull tabs are interesting to use as jewelry because when you layer them together, they look like chain mail. Real chain mail jewelry can cost you an arm and a leg, but this home made soda pull tab will cost you some sodas (which you probably went through a lot of during Thanksgiving dinner), and some string. For this post, I used bright pink yarn to help you see where I put the strings, but I suggest using a lighter colored string, or even some clear fishing string so that the final product looks like it’s just intertwined together. Repurposing things to make jewelry is very subjective to what you want, so I will just show you some simple tips of how to use soda pull tabs to make interesting looks, and you can experiment with it on your own to figure out what you want from your home-made jewelry.

Step 1: Put the string through the first pull tab under the side, on top of the middle, and under the other side.

Step 2: Repeat for as many pull tabs as you would like on your accessory

Step 3: Either push all the pull tabs together such that they form an orderly straight line or scrunch them together to create a messy zig-zag look. This depends on what you want your final product to look like.

Step 4: Create your accessory. To make a belt or a necklace, you can just tie the two ends of the string together. To make an earring, you can tie the end of the string into the loop of an earring hook.

And that’s all you need to create interesting pull tab jewelry.

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